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Packaging is the process of attracting and retaining a potential investor-user. A properly packaged business motivates users to invest in the project and become part of the community.

Without proper positioning and correct packaging of the product, all further actions of business development are put at risk: you can create a unique, very useful, and promising project, but not get a proper response from the audience and, as a consequence, not achieve successful financial indicators, declaring yourself bankrupt.



Gathering information and competitor market analysis. Market analysis will provide information about the conditions in which the planned maneuver will be carried out, to predict the reaction of users and competitors, ultimately allowing them to achieve the intended objectives.


Tokenomics, the Business Model, as well as the Financial Model - we will analyze everything to the smallest detail and propose corrections. This block is one of the most important. About 90% of the projects never reached their goals, because their models were formed incorrectly.

Community building

Work to create a community of like-minded people, increase engagement metrics, implement UP-Sale tools

The community and its involvement are the fuel of your project. What kind of foundations you put in this foundation, how strong it will be, so you will be in demand in the market.

ORM marketing - reputation building.

Blue ticks, articles about you unmarked PROMO in the Wall Street Journal Forbes Bloomberg, Google Library. This is how you can show your community that your project is in demand, your project is well-publicized and referenced by major brands. Your project has a reputation and you can be trusted, trust = investment. There is no success without trust, it is the most important factor nowadays.

Targeted ads on Twitter, Meta, Google

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Attracting users to your community and motivating them to invest in your project. Only 5 percent of the market knows how to do this. We're in that 5%.

Sometimes we hear objections that it doesn't work. Take a look at a screenshot of our Twitter and Google. What do you think of the results?

Introduction to the VC

Creating an investment presentation for the VC.




Our main graphic partners are It's important to have a beautiful, standout and sellable design before you go to market. Initial project evaluation - visual. From a brand book to a full-fledged film or show to support your project.

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